Monday, August 6, 2007

Highland Brewery Oatmeal Porter

Brewer: Highland Brewing Company
ABV: 5.8%
COLOR: Dark Brown
Aroma: Normal Porter aroma
Flavor: Smooth porter taste
Opinion: So first of all let me tell you the context that this beer was drank in. When in North Carolina, my dad myself and some other guys had a beer tasting event. The way it worked was we bought like 20-25 beers, and one by one, sampled each one of them, then put them in the order in which we thought they were ranked, it wasn't anything too formal, just a fun time. So none the less, this beer, was the hometown underdog, it was purchased at the last second when one of us had one six pack to fill, nobody had heard of it, it was just there and I knew I liked oatmeal porters. Now this beer was absolutly amazing, it was nice and smoth, not too thick, and had a nice hoppy flavor. It is a little sweet, I assume there was some brown sugar added, but nothing too overwhelming. Overall I really enjoyed this beer, and I wish i could find it up here in the north, so hopefully they read this and decide to bring it up to me.