Monday, June 30, 2008

We're Back and The Reaffermation of The American Light Beers

Hey, I recently noticed that people were actually coming to this site, and I really haven't done much with it at all recently, so i think i'm gonna try and update this site a little more regularly. So yeah, please stay tuned, and if you would like to submit a beer to be posted on this site, just use my general format and email it over to me and i'd be more than willing to post it.

Anyways, when I started this blog, I started it with the idea of a normal guy writing about beer...I didn't want to come off as some sort of Beer Aficionado (aka snob), but I also wanted to provide my own personal insight into beer, and maybe talk about some other topics in beer consumption other than various beers. Since i really never got around to doing that, here we go...

The main beer that seems to get shit on by all the Beer Snobs around the world is the American Light Beer. Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that these Light beers are the best thing since alcohol was invented, but I personally feel that even though they may not be big on flavor, they defiantly have their time and place. There are specific times that if you offered me a "nicer beer" that I would in-fact turn it down for a light beer. So sticking with the big three here is how i personally rate them:
  1. Miller Lite
  2. Coors Light
  3. Bud Light (i actually hate this beer)
There are a few other lite beers that I like to dabble in (natural light, straub light, IC Light, Molson Light) but for arguments sake we will stick with the big 3. So here we go, a list of times in which i personally feel an American Light Beer kicks the shit out of any other beer.

  1. On the Beech - When I am sitting on the beech on vacation or whatever, I am there to have a good time and relax. Whatever beverage i choose to go with me on this journey of sitting in the sun, Horseshoes, swimming or whatever, is something that
    • Gives me a buzz without getting me hammered
    • Is refreshing
    • Is still palatable if it gets alittle warm from the sun
    • Taste fine with sand on it
    • Doesn't put a hole in my pocket
      • Moving beer back and forth to the beach, potentiality of ice melting gives a high probability of skunking beer
      • Sand is not a good cup holder, spilling is highly probable
      • Most of the time at the beech, a very high number of beers are consumed
    • Anybody is willing to drink it
    For these reasons you can see why, at the beech, I would not want to drink a "nice" beer over a cheap light beer.
  2. Working Outside (mowing the lawn, gardening) - This is pretty much similar reasons to the beech, except there is less of a need for as much quantity in this situation. But once again, if i am cutting the grass, I'm reaching for a Miller before i grab an IPA.
  3. BBQ - Damn, this is getting repetitive, same reason as beech
  4. Getting Hammered - At a bar or at home, if i'm gonna get myself all sorts of messed up I'm drinking lite beer. Getting drunk on fancy beer is bad for several reasons
    • PRICE
    • Higher alcohol content = less remembering of the party = less partying
    • I find fancier beer hangovers are worse
    • Constant need to describe to everybody around you what you are drinking, just saying Miller is way shorter then saying a name nobody knows then having to explain what it is.
    • Drinking games are just better with lite beers
    So as you can clearly see, if i am gonna get Drunk, i'm gonna do it off lite beer, save me some monay and get the same effects.
  5. Drinking at a bar when driving - This is just simple, if i am meeting some friends and want to have a couple of beers, I can know i'm safer by drinking 3% alcohol beers than risking it by drinking some higher alcohol content beers. I am not condoning drunk driving, i am just saying it's safer to drink lite beers in this situation
Basically this is just some things i figured i could write up really quick, to try and sway people away from this anti-lite beer fad that is sweeping the nation. I am very flexible with my beer consumption and I do really like good beer, but I do understand that there are times when lite beer is good. So yeah, next time somebody gets a lite beer at a bar don't give them shit.

Also, some things to look forward to... More beers to be reviewed, and a tested method to a great beer tasting party idea that you will have a lot of fun with...

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