Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Road Dog Porter

Brewer: Flying Dog, Denver, CO and Frederick, MD (more recently)

ABV: 6%

COLOR: Hearty Amber. Dark and Rich

Aroma: High quality chocolate malts and an almost plum-like aroma that all scottish porters tend to have

Flavor: Very rich in malts. Not very hoppy (31 IBU) but balanced well for a crisp finish, unlike many cheaper porters.

Opinion: This beer has been one of my absolute favorite beers for years. It's what I've always compared every porter to since. The brewery is great. Everything they touch turns to gold. It's not hard to tell why Hunter S. Thompson lends his name to it and gave them their catch phrase "good people drink good beer." On a more personal note, I appreciate how the brewery fought the censuring of their "Good beer. no shit." until they inevitably won the case, and now proudly print the word "shit" all over their bottle. So in that regard, here's my full opinion.

This shit is the best shit you'll find. It's so rare that a bar even has this shit, that if you happen upon some shitty bar that does, call the owner and tell him how great his shit is. Essentially, if you don't like this shit, then you're nothing but a shit and you should eat shit and die, shiteater. Now go off and buy this shit or you will forever be drinking far shittier beer.

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