Saturday, June 23, 2007

Boulder Beer Company's Hazed and Infused

Yes I am reviewing two beers from the same company in one day, deal with it.

Brewer: Boulder Beer Company
ABV: 4.85%
Color: Amber-Brown
Aroma: HOPS!!!!
Flavor: A nice floral hop flavor graces the pallet with a good malty flavor to back it up, kind of sweet, a little bit bitter (but in a good way)
Opinion: Now as I said before, I am a huge fan of boulder beer company's beers, thats why I drank two different types today rather then spreading out. Now i have had this beer several times, as it is one of the primary beers in Boulder Beers national distribution (this and Mojo IPA). This is a great beer though, it has a really nice hop flavor but is not one of those hop wallop beers. The strong dry hopped taste and the malts really create a great balance of flavors. The beer is at a good thickness, but i think it is best suited for cooler weather (think fall). I actually have never had this one out of a bottle surprisingly and normally drink it only out of tap, which serves it really well. This beer is amazing in the way that is good for people who are not big hop head and the ones of us who love hops, it is truly a happy medium. From all the Boulder Beers this is defiantly my favorite
Rating: 8.4/10

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