Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Otter Creek Fine Ale's Copper Ale

Brewer: Otter Creek Fine Ales
ABV: 5.40%
Color: Dark Golden Color
Aroma: Toasted malts with a hint of caramel
Flavor: Overall very malty (mainly toasted malts) has a hint of hoppiness at the end but nothing overwhelming or obvious
Opinion: So I grabbed this case at a local beer distributer in the "Organic" section, now I really am not a big "organic" kind of person (personally I'd take giant eagle over whole foods any day), but it was only 25 bucks so i thought what the hell I'll give it a shot. When reading the description on the bottle it is discovered that it is inspired by German altbiers, which i do not have much experience with. Now myself, I am personally more of a malt man then a hop man, I like hops alot, but most of the time I would take a malty beer over a hoppy beer, and that is exactly what it is. Although it claims to be made with 3 different types of hops, i suspect that by having 6 different malts caused the maltiness to take over the hop flavor. Now this may be a problem for some people (my friend a supposed poster on this blog but he seems to be too lazy as of now to contribute) may not like this but i find it just fine. Not to say there is not hop flavor, a few seconds after each swig i find a slight hop presence in my mouth to even off the taste. Overall i find that this is a good beer, but nothing amazing, I have had samples of their Porter, which i thought was fantastic, and I would like to try their pale ale, both of which i suppose will be better overall (but to be fair I like those types better then altbiers).

Rating: I have decided overall ratings are stupid so i will no longer post them...jackass

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