Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Unibroue 15

Brewer: Unibroue
ABV: 10%
COLOR: Golden/Copper
Aroma: Smelled like a belgian beer
Flavor: La Fin Du Monde + Champaign
Opinion: So the other day when i had that Jamaican Style Red Ale, my friend and I decided to grab two big Belgian beers from Dee' as i stated before, this blog is a sanctuary for drunkards, who want to know about beer, and being drunkards ourselves, we bought these with 100% intentions of getting messed up, you know since Belgian beers are quite alcoholic and seem to do the job of getting you messed up quite well. So, my friend grabbed a Unibroue La Fin Du Monde (which is one of my favorite Belgian style beers, even though it really isn't because it's made in Canada, but it is still fucking great and gets a good buzz goin), so going with the theme of Unibroue i decided to grab one, of equal (in fact higher) alcohol content, and that I haven't had before, which was the Unibroue 15, the celebration of 15 years of their brewery. So he and I decided to drink these on a weeknight, see if we could get all messed up. So when i opened the beer there was alot more force behind it then a typical Belgian beer 1 liter 9 oz bottle (halfway between typical big Belgian and champaign), it foamed a bit, but then it settled down. Once i started drinking this, I though man, this really tastes like La Fin Du Monde and Champaign, I tasted my friends La Fin Du Monde, and by god I was right. Seriously, I really like Unibroue beer a lot, but I really do not like champaign at all. So overall I am going to have to say from the perspective of this beer hound, this is a beer that I would personally pass up, also considering the greatness of Unibroue's other selections. Stick with the standard line up, not this shitty celebration of 15 years.

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