Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weeping Radish Brewery and Bavarian Restaraunt

Weeping Radish
Outer Banks, North Carolina

So before I jump into this, I need to tell you that although advertised as a Brewery, the Weeping Radish recently moved all their brewing operations off site, but they still only have their hand crafted beers on tap (i assume they relocated in an effort to expand). Also, I have never actually ate at the restaraunt, but what I hear from close friends I understand it is very good. Now onto what I do know about the place...Well first of all the atmosphere is amazing, even though I have never been to Germany, I can imagine the Weeping Radish's decor represents the country quite well. In addition to that they exclusivly use hand crafted glasses from Germany to serve their beer in. So at the Weeping Radish they have 5 beers all year round, Corolla Gold (Helles), Corolla Light, a Heffeweizen, Black Radish (a black lager), and their Fest beer (which i'm not quite sure what it was), and normally they have 2 seasonals on draft, which when I was there was the Kolsh and I believe the Farm beer. Also all of their beers are available in bottles (1 liter or a Pint 9oz bottle), or by the case. When I was there I only had the Black Radish, which was amazing (I will write a seperate article on this), but I know from drinking the other beers out of the bottle in prior years that they are equaly as good. There was only one waitress in the bar area but she stayed on top of her respective, and we were waited on in a timely fashion. Also they have authentic german pretzles (That's what they say but they are basically super pretzles, but who cares), so those were a great snack while drinking some beer. Also If you have family who isn't interested in sitting in a bar or whatnot, they do have other shops connected to the outside (I have not been in them in some years but I imagine they are the typical Outer Banks nick-nack shops), and a play ground for children. Finally make sure to check out their gift store, not only can you buy their beers in bottles but they have tons of nifty t-shirts and other cool merch (including their glasses they use in the bar, which are really expensive now due to a glass shortage or something in germany, or atleast that's what the guy with the german accent told me). So yeah, if you are ever in the outer banks and want to drink some good craft beer, I highly suggest you either get your ass up to the weeping radish or try their beer in some way, I leave you with a saying they printed on a T-Shirt i purchased...

Those who drink beer sleep well,
Those who sleep well cannot sin,
Those who cannot sin goto heaven

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